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About us

Who are we? 


Our organisation consists of experienced and highly qualified British professionals, with shared values on personal and organisational development and success, who have come together with a shared passion to make a difference to the people and organisations we work with.  We have a well-established reputation in the UK and the Middle-East, and have delivered our services globally for over a decade.

  • Why are we different?

"We can discover and unleash your potential"

Each partner in our team has pride in our long and proven track record of senior leadership, change management, performance delivery and dealing with sometimes unusual and difficult corporate situations and issues.  We are motivation specialists.

Our motivation is not to be 'just another' training or consultancy company.  We believe ourselves to be special and unique.  We are here to make a positive difference to the lives of people, to the profitability and success of organisations and to help support a wider economic uplift for the diverse communities in which we operate.

  • Our values

Respect:  We have worked internationally for over a decade and we make a big effort to understand and embrace the local cultures.  Our client engagement is based upon a respectful partnership approach.  We are loyal and dedicate ourselves to meeting and exceeding our client needs, hopes and expectations.

Quality:  We offer a wide range of internationally benchmarked, certified and accredited training and development programmes.  Our vocational training can be mapped onto the local/international frameworks with CPD points registered.  Our work is always underpinned by contemporary research and theory and we employ thorough evaluation mechanisms to ensure value for money, client satisfaction and excellent return on investment.

Responsive:  We consult and listen carefully when responding to our clients.  Our programmes are never off-the-shelf and they are tailored and bespoke.  Our experience becomes your advantage.

Creative:  Working with us is exciting and memorable.  Our training, consulting, coaching and mentoring is based upon our extensive experience, contemporary academic research and theory.  Delegate feedback is always exceptional.  People remember and value their time with us.  It's not what we teach but the creative way we do it that's so different.  That's what people remember.

Partnership:  Our reputation is based upon mutual trust and integrity.  Our relationship focus is one of constructive partnership.  Our clients get to know us on a personal and professional level and they know and value what we do for them and bring to them.  We are people people!  We are always there to help and support you.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help you.

"We are people people!"


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