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Coaching & Mentoring

Everybody is talking about coaching and mentoring, but not everyone knows just what it is and what it entails.  Effective coaching and mentoring is proven to have a direct positive impact on individuals' motivation and engagement levels, and on organisations' success.  

Not only are all of our coaches/mentors internationally qualified, but we have years of experience and a proven track record in personal 121 and Executive coaching.  Most of our Executive coaching is done through personal referrals, where Executives have tried us with very successful outcomes, and recommend us to other Executives.  We have coached at the most senior levels in both the private and public sectors internationally.

We can coach through face-to-face or online sessions, where we allocate you a personal online coach who is carefully selected based on your background and preferences.  

We have won awards for our professional qualifications in Coaching & Mentoring including the Institute of Leadership and Management 'Learner of the Year' award which was awarded to Alex Firmin, who we are very proud to note plays a central role in the Smith-Collins team of Associates.

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