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We take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously.

Our CSR model helps us become more socially accountable and by practicing this we are increasing our awareness and understanding of the impact we are having on all aspects of society including economic, social, and environmental.

We strive to run our business in a way that enhances society and the environment, instead of contributing negatively to it.

Please see our social media for further details and if you have a good CSR idea or project which you would like us to become involved in then please just get in touch.

London Marathon 2019 for Against Breast Cancer

David and I (Victoria) are running the London Marathon 2019 for Against Breast Cancer - please give generously to support this cause!

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Developing dyslexia awareness in Bahrain

Having Dyslexia should not carry any form of stigma or be the basis for discrimination or negative attitudes.

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Rehabilitation of Young Offenders

Integrated offender management is something in which we have extensive professional experience and we are particularly interested in applying our skills towards preventing young people becoming engaged with the criminal justice systems of any country.

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Leaders in the Classroom

This is a unique and exciting initiative we have designed which is focused upon the needs of classroom teachers. We believe that teachers play a vital role in developing the leader within all young people. To do this they must themselves display leadership in the classroom and be the role model which can inspire youth.

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Riding for the Disabled – Fund Raising

At Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), their horses benefit the lives of over 25,000 disabled children and adults.

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