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Developing dyslexia awareness in Bahrain

Having Dyslexia should not carry any form of stigma or be the basis for discrimination or negative attitudes.

Awareness and response to Dyslexia varies across the globe and we want to ensure the highest standards and a consistent response, especially from Schools and the wider education systems.

This is important to us as parents and as professional people working in the sphere of learning, development and change.

Identifying dyslexia early can often mean a life-changing experience for those concerned. That is why we have chosen to focus upon this initiative as one of our corporate/social responsibility initiatives.

It is so important to identify dyslexia at an early stage and through non -invasive and controversial assessment ensure that people receive the help and support they need. These interventions need to be the mainstream norm rather than special needs!

There are potential long term emotional and negative consequences if this is not done and we want to dedicate our time to offering support to parents, teacher, schools and young people.

There is much to be done. We recently undertook a quick survey of parents at our children’s school and the results can be found here: 

Dyslexia in Bahrain Survey Feb 2019 - Results

We commit to collaborate and build alliances and take this initiative forward. If you think you would like to assist our work, please do get in touch. Watch for updates over the weeks and months to come.

Best wishes and thank you.

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