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Alex Firmin

Alex is a leadership consultant and trainer.  As a British Army officer he undertook several tours on the front line of Afghanistan, and worked to establish the first Afghan officer training academy, "Sandhurst in the Sand," in Kabul.  In 2013 Alex decided to pursue a more diverse career in leadership development and more recently he founded and became the CEO of Promethean.  Alex is also a Learning and Development Consultant at the University of York and an Associate Tutor for the York Strategic Leadership Programme.

Over the past two years, Alex has delivered training projects for a diverse range of international companies that include BT, Zain Bahrain, Pearson and several UK universities.  Focussing on empowerment, delegation skills and motivation, Alex has a passion for developing leadership characteristics in people at all levels of their organisation.  As a consultant he works closely with teams and individuals to implement new methods of management, and coach them through change.

Alex was delighted to be awarded the ILM 'Learning of the Year' title for his work as a developer of young leaders.  He holds degrees in Philosophy and Law, and a Masters degree in Training Design and Innovation.  Alex is married to Katherine and has 2 young children.

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Dr. Jo North

Dr. Jo North is the Managing Director of the Big Bang Partnership Ltd, an innovation consultancy that works with businesses to help them to innovate and grow.  Jo has leading-edge expertise in working with companies to optimise the creative potential of their people, products, services and brands, and build and innovative entrepreneurial capability into organisational culture.

Jo brings a truly unique perspective to people and organisational development as she combines her mentoring facilitation and innovation skills with real world, commercial business experience.  Jo has proven expertise in designing and delivering commercial innovation activities and also in coaching high potential managers and directors.  She has worked in a variety of different industries both locally and internationally, from accountancy to supermarket retailing, banking and finance, magazine publishing and transport, where she acquired significant experience of working at Board level across a number of sector-leading businesses.

George Kesselaar

George Kesselaar

George is the founder of SPACE Metanoia®, a greenfield collaboration focused on bringing about transformational behaviour change in organisations and people.  Having lived and worked in the GCC region for the past 18 years, his expertise is focused on applying inter-cultural intelligence in a corporate context to accelerate effective change, and to empower development of effective corporate consulting practices. 

He delivers transformational consulting assignments in areas such as corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, strategic change management, and strategic human resource management in Southern Africa, Europe, and the Middle East across various industries and sectors, with a focus on financial services and banking, telecommunications, higher education, and public sector and semi-government organizations.   George has a deep and practical understanding of Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI), having co-developed the 3 Colors of Worldview®self-culture analysis tool. 

George started his career as seagoing naval officer and retired with the rank of lieutenant-commander.  He has worked as a Director with Big 4 consulting firms such as KPMG and PwC and was a founding member of boutique consultancy KnowledgeWorkx.  He has worked in academic and leadership roles with higher education institutions such as the Higher Colleges of Technology and the University of Cape Town.  He holds degrees in human resource management and business administration and he is a certified Behavioural Consultant.

George has a practical hands on approach to consulting and learning facilitation, and is highly effective in enabling behavioral change in people and to empower organisations and learners to apply learning and consulting solutions effectively in the workplace.   His life purpose is to “be a ship that carries people safely to where they need to be”, and he has worked out this purpose during a full range of successful consulting and learning interventions.

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Emma Coller

Emma is an experienced professional educator.  She worked for 16 years as a UK police officer where she spent a large part of her service as an organisational trainer.  Emma has since worked as a free-lance coach and trainer and has recently founded her own company.  Emma is an Associate Tutor for the York Strategic Leadership Programme.

Throughout her career, Emma has worked to deliver training and development, coaching and mentoring across a range of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Emma holds a BA Hons degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.  Her background as a professional educator has naturally led her into working with clients in the Organisational Development arena, undertaking training needs analysis, exploring skills and knowledge gaps and supporting organisations to develop their people to support the delivery of the vision and strategy.

Emma is a passionate and enthusiastic trainer who is committed to delivering innovate and interesting sessions and is dedicated to promoting the value of training for professional development and enhancing value of the role.

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James Willerton

With over 10 years of business consulting and professional service experience, James has developed a well-rounded and practical perspective on strategic development and human capital development at all levels and cross-industries both nationally and internationally.  With a focus on innovation in strategy development, James is a certified Exceptional Trainer.  With a diverse background in business management, innovation, strategy development, organisational development, recruitment and operations.  During his role in recruitment, James applied advanced psychometric techniques and personally assessed over 1000 candidates for his own and his client’s businesses.  Combined with coaching, this has given him an advanced experience of dealing with the human psych and obtaining optimal results for human capital and organisational development. 

James has a very approachable manner, with valuable real-world experience as an employer and a senior consultant to a wide-range of industries and organisations


Jen Feltham

Jen has 17 years experience motivating people to meet business and personal objectives at all levels within an organisation. She has worked at senior management level in marketing, business development and coaching roles for a range of Companies, as well as running her own business for four years. A core strength throughout her career has been her strong communication skills and natural enthusiasm for delivering the best results.  

Jen is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Professional Coach with over 9 years experience working as a Coach at all levels within organisations. She has specific skills in active listening, questioning techniques, motivation, communication, marketing and business development. Specifically:

  • Working directly with clients and companies to support business development, strategic and cultural change to enhance productivity and wellbeing.
  • Helping organisations engage and retain talent, through personal development and career coaching
  • A wealth of knowledge and coaching skills which enables a unique and consistently high standard of coaching - this translates into supporting people and organisations to make significant, lasting and high impact changes. 

  • Experience of working in both public and private sectors


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Neil Almond

Neil is an inspirational trainer with a gift for helping his students to apply the complex ideas in a practical and pragmatic way. Much of his work is informed by his role as host of the 91 Untold Change Project podcast series.

He is an ANLP certified Master Trainer and a highly experienced international coach and consultant. He was winner of the NLP Making a Difference Award at the 2017 NLP Awards (part of the ANLP sponsored 2017 International NLP Conference).

Neil has worked at the highest levels in business, charity and government – including facilitating sessions in 10 and 11 Downing Street for both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown  and working with industry leaders such as Sir Richard Branson and Anita Roddick.

For over ten years Neil has delivered his own popular NLP programmes in London, Bristol and Bahrain as well as bespoke leadership and coaching programmes for clients. He is a specialist in Applied NLP.

Neil has a passion for culture change and is one of the foremost experts in using digital technology to model out best practice from within organisations and cascade culture hacks through organisations for real and sustainable change.

Neil is also an experienced conference host, often interviewing key organisational executives at events or offering keynotes that harness the power of the 91 Untold Change Project.

Andy Finished

Andy Cartmell

Andy is a strong psycho-dynamic coach, trainer, project specialist and consultant with experience working at all levels of an organisation. His ability to blend a mastery of coaching, psychology, and organisational change together with skills learnt in consultancy and senior roles in industry – such as Planning and Risk Manager on the £5.5bn Channel Tunnel Rail Link project – has made him a popular coach with executives seeking to plan and execute successful projects or manage change processes.

In addition to his skills in the management and implementation of major projects, Andy brings a host of experience from Human Resources Development (HRD) to his consultancy and executive coaching clients. He has worked with, and for, some of the world’s most successful organisations including; EDF, Eurostar, HS1, Network Rail, Amec Spie, Universities of Sussex and York, Department of Health and O2.

Andy has a degree in Psychology, post-graduate qualifications (in Holistic Counselling) from the Australian College of Natural Medicine, and a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the IDM. He is a Professional Guild of NLP certified Master Practitioner and ANLP Certified Trainer.

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Ian Money

Ian is an experienced lecturer and also has a wealth of experience of working in business. Ian is currently the Director of Undergraduate Programmes of the York Management School at the University of York. As part of that role, he delivers a variety of modules, with subjects including Accounting , Corporate Governance and Auditing for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. Ian also delivers a number of executive workshops to external organisations.

Prior to this, Ian spent many years working for Ernst & Young advising a host of clients, ranging from small businesses to public limited companies, as well as managing the statutory audits. During this time he also regularly delivered corporate training courses on behalf of the company. Prior to joining York University, he has also had a number of senior positions for various companies, including Director and Company Secretary roles.

This almost unique background means Ian’s teaching style is based not just on an academic basis often associated with University lecturers, but also incorporates many practical and interactive elements, which is appreciated by both University students and corporate delegates alike.

Ian is a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Higher Education Academy. He is also an external examiner at Lancaster University and Northumbria University.

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Mason Palmer

Mason is an expert in using digital tools to advance learning or culture within organisations. As producer, director and editor of Untold 91's podcast and e-learning solutions Mason has a real understanding of how technology can be used to make learning more effective and efficient. He specialises in bespoke solutions for clients that enable them to innovate and spread positive behavioural memes within their organisations.   Mason is perhaps best known as the producer of the 91 Untold Change Project, working alongside host Neil Almond.

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